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What would you do if you had a burst pipe in your home?

Would you panic, where is your stopcock, can you find it, will it work?

Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could turn your water off as easily as you turn your lights off?

The surestop range of stopcocks do just that, quickly and easily.  Surestop is easy to install, typically in less than an hour and is operated by water pressure so it needs no batteries or electricity.

The remote stopcock consists of a push button valve which is installed in the water supply where the water comes into the property.  It is connected by two metres of twin bore tubing to a switch which is then located into a convenient position of your choice, inside a kitchen cupboard or above the worktop.  Simply press the switch to turn the water supply on or off.

Most installations cost less than £250.00.  Call us now on 07836 217376

Pretty Cool

It can also be used as an isolating valve in many other places in the home such as providing a simple way to operate a garden tap from within the property.